World’s First Automotive-Grade 4D LiDAR

For Automotive Mass Production (Starting in 2025)

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Aeva Atlas

Designed for Advanced Vehicle Automation

Atlas is Aeva’s high-performance FMCW 4D LiDAR with simultaneous velocity and range detection. Combining ultra long range and unmatched resolution, Atlas delivers industry-leading performance for high-volume automotive applications, enabling the breakthrough of L3 highway speed driving for ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

Key Features

Key Performance Highlights

250 Meters

Range to 10%

500 Meters

Maximum Range

120 (h) x 30 (v)

Field of View

-40° to 85°C

Operating Range

Automotive Grade

ISO-26262 ASIL-B (D) Functional Safety

70% Smaller

Compact Design

Passive Cooling

Power Efficient

Powered by Aeva Silicon Innovations

Aeva Atlas ICSM

Aeva X1™ LiDAR System-on-Chip

First Automotive-Grade FMCW LiDAR SoC

Seamlessly integrates data acquisition, point cloud processing, scanning system, and application software into a single mixed-signal processing chip.

Automotive-Grade Safety and Cybersecurity

Embedded system designed for dependability including functional safety (ISO 26262) and automotive cybersecurity (ISO 21434), and SOTIF/PAS 21448.

Proprietary Digital Signal Processing Software

Aeva digital signal processing algorithms enable simultaneous long range measurements to 500m and a high number of points on target.

Aeva CoreVision™ Lidar-on-Chip Technology

Integrated Silicon Photonics Module

Incorporates all key LiDAR elements including transmitter, detector and a new optical processing interface chip in an even smaller fiberless Silicon Photonics module.

Designed for Automotive

Designed to strict automotive standards. Proprietary integrated laser and receiver electronics enable better integration and lower costs.

Fully Automated Assembly

Precise automated assembly of optical component ensures quality, affordable costs and mass manufacturability.

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