Software Engineer Intern - Perception

Mountain View, CA
About us:
Aeva is building the next generation of sensing and perception for autonomous vehicles and beyond. With its unique ability to measure instantaneous velocity for each pixel, long-range performance at high resolutions, while being free from LiDAR or sunlight interference, Aeva’s 4D LiDAR is built from the ground up at silicon photonics scale for mass-market applications.

Role Overview:
We are looking for a Software Engineer Intern with experience developing computer vision and machine learning algorithms, preferably CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) for feature detection and classification across a variety of perception sensing inputs. You will help with the design, development, and validation of our core perception software algorithms. 

You will have the opportunity to research & develop superior new algorithm architectures made possible only with our new & unique data streams.

What you'll do

  • As an intern, you will help design, develop & validate robust computer vision and machine learning algorithms for detection & recognition of features based on multiple sensing inputs
  • You will work with entirely new input dimensions that are yet to exist and will develop algorithms for such new inputs
  • Help build a world-class AI team

What you have

  • Working on your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a related field
  • Relevant internship or project experiences
  • Experience developing perception software algorithms with vision and point cloud inputs
  • Fluent in Python and a good understanding of C/C++
  • Strong foundations in mathematics and statistics


  • Proven track record with developing & deploying DNN algorithms on robots systems including CNNs & RNNs
  • Experience deploying perception systems on edge devices
  • Multi-modal perception systems
  • Experience with object motion & tracking algorithms
  • Experience with classical computer vision techniques and point cloud processing

What's in it for you

  • Be part of a fast paced and dynamic team
  • Very competitive compensation

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