LiDAR Leaps Forward

January 5-8, 2022 in Las Vegas

Meet us at CES 2022 to see the future of perception and sensing technology powered by Aeva’s newest 4D LiDAR for autonomous vehicles including cars, freight trucks, and robotaxis, as well as for industrial automation applications and beyond.

Live Demo of the Industry’s Most Advanced 4D LiDAR

Aeva Booth #6343, LVCC West Hall

Experience a live demo of the industry’s most advanced 4D LiDAR and see Aeva’s breakthrough LiDAR on chip module that integrates all key LiDAR components onto a silicon photonics chip. This breakthrough technology allows for automated mass-manufacturing of LiDAR technology to meet the production needs of automotive and industrial applications.

Experience Aeva 4D LiDAR in Action

LVCC West Hall, By RSVP Only

Daily demo drives hosted by Aeva will tour the streets of Las Vegas, with real-time visualizations of sensor data showcasing the groundbreaking capabilities of Aeva 4D LiDAR technology including instant velocity measurement, long range object detection, and immunity to interference. Contact to reserve an appointment or for more details.

Aeva Fireside Chat at the JP Morgan Tech/Auto Forum

Jan 5, 2:10-2:40 pm PT (Virtual)

A fireside chat about sensing and perception for autonomous vehicles and Aeva’s vision for the future of autonomy with CEO and Co-founder Soroush Salehian and CFO Saurabh Sinha.