Aeva Honored with CES 2023 Innovation Award

Aeries II 4D LiDAR Recognized for Unique Instant Velocity Detection and Long Range Performance to Enable Safer and More Reliable Autonomous Vehicles

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 17, 2022 – Aeva® (NYSE: AEVA), a leader in next-generation sensing and perception systems, today announced that its Aeries™ II sensor has been named a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree. The prestigious CES Innovation Awards honor outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products, and were given in advance of CES 2023.

The CES Innovation Award builds on growing recognition for Aeries II and its innovative 4D LiDAR™ technology, which were recently chosen as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022.

“Our next-generation 4D LiDAR technology goes beyond legacy 3D LiDAR systems because of its unique instant velocity detection and long range performance capabilities, in addition to Ultra Resolution,” said Mina Rezk, Co-Founder and CTO at Aeva. “We are honored that Aeries II continues to receive further recognition with this CES Innovation Award because, put simply, we believe Aeva 4D LiDAR has the potential to change the game for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and robotaxis by making vehicle automation safer and more reliable.”

Aeva’s Aeries II 4D LiDAR sensor delivers breakthrough sensing and perception performance using Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology to directly detect the instant velocity of each point, in addition to precise 3D position at long range. Its capabilities go beyond legacy time-of-flight 3D LiDAR sensors to enable the next generation of driver assistance and autonomous vehicle capabilities, including:

  • Instant Velocity Detection: Directly measure velocity for each point of detection, in addition to 3D position, to perceive where things are, and precisely how fast they are moving.
  • Long Range Performance: Detect, classify and track objects such as vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians at long distances.
  • Ultra Resolution: A real-time camera-level image providing up to 20 times the resolution of legacy time-of-flight LiDAR sensors.
  • Road Hazard Detection: Detect small objects on the roadway with greater confidence at up to twice the distance of legacy time-of-flight LiDAR sensors.
  • 4D Localization™: Per-point velocity data enables real-time vehicle motion estimation with six degrees of freedom to enable accurate vehicle positioning and navigation without the need for additional sensors, like IMU or GPS.

Aeries II is the first sensor on the market to integrate Aeva’s unique LiDAR-on-chip technology which integrates all key sensor components including transmitters, receivers and optics onto silicon photonics in a compact module. This design uses no fiber optics, resulting in a highly automated manufacturing process that allows Aeva to scale deployment of its products and lower costs to meet the needs of automotive OEMs and other volume customers.

Detailed information about the CES 2023 Innovation Awards honorees can be found at CES.tech/innovation. In January 2023, Aeva will join other honorees to display their products in the Innovation Awards Showcase area at CES 2022. At the Aeva Booth (#6001, LVCC – West Hall), Aeva will showcase its Aeries II 4D LiDAR sensor alongside its unique LiDAR-on-chip technology that integrates all key LiDAR components onto a silicon photonics chip in a compact module.

To learn more about Aeva’s Aeries II sensor and its groundbreaking 4D LiDAR technology, please visit: aeva.com/aeries-ii

About Aeva Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: AEVA)
Aeva’s mission is to bring the next wave of perception to a broad range of applications from automated driving to industrial robotics, consumer electronics, consumer health, security and beyond. Aeva is transforming autonomy with its groundbreaking sensing and perception technology that integrates all key LiDAR components onto a silicon photonics chip in a compact module. Aeva 4D LiDAR® sensors uniquely detect instant velocity in addition to 3D position, allowing autonomous devices like vehicles and robots to make more intelligent and safe decisions. For more information, visit www.aeva.com, or connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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